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How to Get Your MMJ Card- follow these steps!

For Initial Certification:

  • Make sure the condition you want to treat is on the list of qualifying conditions in PA.

  • Register with the PA Dept of Health at   Click on "Apply for ID card," then "Adult Patient Registration."  (Be sure to enter your name/address EXACTLY as it's shown on your driver's license or PA ID.)

  • Make an appointment at GreenMD.  

  • After the doctor evaluates and certifies you for a medical marijuana card, return to the PA Dept of Health site to pay the state's $50 fee, and your card will come in the mail.

  • * Note: Almost all interested patients who have a listed condition are able to be certified, but in the event you cannot, your fee will be refunded completely.

For Recertification:

You must have a visit with a certifying physician once a year and pay an annual fee to the state:

  1. Log in to your account on the PA DOH MMJ website.

  2. Go to your Profile, verify all information is correct...make sure your address is correct and current!

  3. Look for the "Make Payment" button and pay the fee.

  4. Make your appointment with Green MD.

No Judgement
Life presents everyone with challenges and adversity. GreenMD strives to appreciate each patient's personal struggle and search for a happier, healthier life.
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