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Andrea Taroli MD

With over 30 years experience in medicine, I understand the barriers patients face when trying to access vital medical and mental health care. 

My goals are to make the process of obtaining your medical marijuana card quick, easy, and more affordable than other PA certification centers, and to provide up-to-date care for patients using medical cannabis.


At GreenMD, we respect your privacy and dignity. You will have an honest evaluation by a certified physician in a private setting, without the hype. 




8/3/2020: Great service and best price. Much better than the previous advocate which had a monopoly and I could tell by the way they treated people. I'm SO very happy to have completed it with a 15 minute teleconference.

6/15/2020:  I am a disabled veteran who has a hard time getting around and doing a virtual visit was perfect for me. Thank you so much!

2/22/2020:  Patient, compassionate, friendly, understanding, flexible!

5/29/2020:  Everything was great, the doctor I got was very understanding and very knowledgeable. Couldn’t be happier with how the whole process went. 5 stars 10/10 rating

5/23/2020:  Very understanding of my needs. Very kind ,courteous and professional!!

5/19/2020:  Doctor Taroli was early and cordial throughout our entire meeting, she made me feel comfortable and took care of my needs as a patient!!! I Will be coming back for a Re-Certification when it's time.

5/15/2020 : The questions were direct. The whole experience was stress free and to the point. The encounter was comfortable and stress-free. I wish all my health care appointments were like this.

5/4/2020:  Quick, easy, painless, and professional!

4/7/2020:  Dr. Taroli was fantastic fast, and friendly with her service! She makes you feel very comfortable and provides all the information you need.

3/21/2020:  Very personable. AAA+++ Experience all the way around!!! Thank you.

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