For Initial Certification:

  • Make sure the condition you want to treat is on the list of qualifying conditions in PA.

  • Click the link above and register as an adult patient or a patient's caregiver. (Be sure to enter your name/address EXACTLY as it's shown on your driver's license or PA ID.)

  • After you register with the state, make an appointment at GreenMD.  

  • After the doctor evaluates and certifies you for a medical marijuana card, return to the PA Dept of Health site to pay the state's $50 fee, and your card will come in the mail.

  • * Note: Almost all interested patients who have a listed condition are able to be certified, but in the event you cannot, your fee will be refunded completely.

For Recertification:

You need to renew your registration and have a visit with the doctor once a year:

  • Log in to your account on the PA DOH MMJ website.

  • Go to your Profile, verify all information is correct.

  • Make your payment, and make your appointment with Green MD.


Life presents everyone with challenges and adversity. GreenMD strives to appreciate each patient's personal struggle and search for a happier, healthier life.


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